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Civil Society Organizations support Keppapilavu Protest

A group of civil society organizations released a statement today calling on the Sri Lankan government to meet the demands of Keppapilavu protestors and release their land from military occupation. 

The primarily North-East based civil society organizations noted that, "[t]he situation in Keppapilavu is indicative of the Sri Lankan Government’s misleading campaign and slow progress on releasing lands from military occupation across the North-East," and that "[w]ith the Government’s moves towards reforms stalling, there is serious concern that land returns and demilitarization – core demands of Tamil people – are not moving ahead sufficiently."

They called on the government to meet the demands of the protesting villagers of Keppapilavu, direct the military to stop any activities destroying the condition of the land they are occupying across the North-East, and accelerate the process to return occupied lands across the North-East.

The full statement can be read here: (attached pdf of google drive link is here.)