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China accuses India of building up troops at border stand-off

China’s Foreign Ministry has accused India of building up troops and repairing roads at a military stand-off alongside its border in the Himalayan region.

“It has already been more than a month since the incident, and India is still not only illegally remaining on Chinese territory, it is also repairing roads in the rear, stocking up supplies, massing a large number of armed personnel. This is certainly not for peace,” said the foreign ministry in a statement issued on Thursday.

The tensions are occurring between a 3,500km land border with China in the Indian State of Sikkim, reports Reuters.

India denied accusations of building up its military at the border. India’s Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, said,

“India always believes that peace and tranquillity in the India-China border is an important prerequisite for smooth development of our bilateral relations. We will continue to engage with the Chinese side through diplomatic channels to find a mutually acceptable solution.”

Earlier in June, according to reports from China, Indian guards crossed into China’s Donglang region and obstructed work on a road in the valley, whilst confronting Chinese troops.

India has previously warned China that construction of the road near their common border would have serious security implications.

India told Reuters that 300 soldiers from either side are facing each other around 150 meters apart on the plateau, and that both sides were engaged in quiet diplomacy to prevent an escalation.