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Chief Minister of North hopes for progress for Tamil people in new Tamil year

The Chief Minister of the North has said he hopes for progress with regards to the grievances of Tamil people in the new year.

In his Tamil new year wishes, the chief minister, C. V. Wigneswaran said that “although many years have come and gone, the status of the Tamil people always remains under question.”

“While this new year is born amidst the tearful tales of those who have lost their relatives, the sad stories of those who have lost their homes and lands, the anxious sighs of unemployed graduates, and many other miseries; we will welcome it and hope for our sorrows to leave us, for our youth stuffed in jails to rejoin their families, and for the labours of our fisherfolk to flourish.”

The chief minister called on all political leaders to unite to bring about a new era for the Tamils on the island.