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Canadian Tamil arrested in Jaffna

A Tamil Canadian citizen was arrested by a police ‘Crime Prevention Force’ reports Uthayan.

Nadarajah Jeyakanthan, who has lived in Canada for the past 25 years, went to Jaffna three weeks ago to visit his relatives.

Jeyakanthan had been staying for 10 days at a relation’s house in Vathiri, Nelliyadi when a few people in a white van, identifiying themselves as the Colombo ‘Crime Prevention Force’ appeared outside the house on Thursday last week.

They proceeded to arrest Jeyakanthan and told relatives present that there was nothing to fear and that he would be released soon, following inquiries.

Jeyakanthan’s relatives said that they were given a document stating that he had been “taken for questioning under the prevention of terrorism act.”

They said that despite contacting police spokespeople in Colombo they had received no formal information regarding the arrest.