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Canada calls for international investigation into Tamil genocide

Canada’s parliament unanimously passed a motion calling on the United Nations to establish an international and independent investigation into the allegations of genocide committed against Tamils in Sri Lanka.

The motion, tabled by the NDP and with the support of all other parties and independent MPs, also extended its condolences to the victims of the Easter attacks and called on Sri Lanka to protect the rights of minorities.

NDP MP Cheryl Hardcastle told parliament:

'I move:

That the House, (a) extend its condolences to all the victims of violence and war in Sri Lanka; (b) call on the Government of Sri Lanka to promote justice for those affected by the Easter Sunday attacks, protect the rights of religious minorities and defend all places of worship; (c) reaffirm Canada's call for Sri Lanka to implement its obligations within a clearly specified time frame, as mandated under the UN Human Rights Council resolutions 30/1 and 40/1 as well as Canada's support in advancing accountability, peace and reconciliation among all people on the island; and (d) call upon the United Nations to establish an international independent investigation into allegations of genocide against Tamils committed in Sri Lanka, including during the last phase of the armed conflict in 2009.'

Hardcastle later said, “I was asked, on behalf of the NDP as its critic for international human rights, to table a Unanimous Consent Motion calling on Sri Lanka to allow an independent investigation into genocidal attacks against its Tamil population during the close of the country’s civil war. I am proud to say that the motion was accepted by all parties, unanimously, and became the express will of the House of Commons."

“Historic decision! Canada calls on UN to investigate allegations of Genocide in SriLanka,” tweeted Liberal MP and Secretary of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism Gary Anandasangaree, thanking Hardcastle and all those supporting the motion.