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Callum Macrae: SL in no position to defend Commonwealth values

Writing on the blog on the 'No Fire Zone' documentary, director Callum Macrae called on the Commonwealth to listen to growing calls worldwide and ensure that Sri Lanka not be allowed to host the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in November.

He writes:

"The idea that CHOGM should be hosted by a regime accused of such serious war crimes is abhorrent to most people who believe and hope the Commonwealth should be a force for good - a community of nations working towards human rights and justice"

"That the Sri Lankan government would then become the chair of the Commonwealth for the next two years is even more disturbing. A regime embroiled in an increasingly desperate and dishonest campaign to delay and deny the serious evidence of war crimes - and the growing international determination to call them to account - is in no position to defence the core values of the Commonwealth"

"The tide is turning – the calls for justice growing.  The Commonwealth must not be left behind."


See here for his full post.