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Burkina Faso sees third leader in 24 hours

A second military officer has assumed power in Burkina Faso, after the former president resigned on Friday amidst mass protests.

Colonel Isaac Zida, who is the third person to claim leadership of the country within 24 hours, called on the international community to recognise his authority.

Speaking to crowds in the capital city Ouagadougou, Zida said that the military had taken control to “prevent a state of anarchy that would be detrimental to the goal of democratic change.”

“I will assume the duties of head of this transition and head of state to guarantee the continuity of the state,” he added.

Army chiefs are expected to meet later today to finalise a definitive figure that will assume the role of head of the transition, reports the BBC.

Burkina Faso president resigns amid protests (31 October 2014)