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Burkina Faso announces interim president

Former foreign minister Michel Kafando, has been named as Burkina Faso's interim president by a committee of political, military, religious and traditional authorities, following a military takeover in the country last month.

On announcement of the news, Kafando said that,

“The committee has just designated me to guide temporarily the destiny of our country. This is more than an honour. It’s a true mission which I will take with the utmost seriousness.” 

The appointment means Kafando will be barred from standing from elections, which have been planned for late next year. He will now be expected to appoint a prime minister and a 25-member government.

The appointment of an interim president comes after the African Union warned Burkina Faso that it faces sanctions if civilian rule was not restored.

This weekend, Col Zida, who had declared himself head of the state after the army toppled the former president Blaise Compaore on October 31, said the constitution was back in force in order to "allow the start of the establishment of a civilian transition".

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