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British tourists urged to return home from Sri Lanka due to coronavirus outbreak

The British High Commission in Colombo have urged British tourists currently in Sri Lanka to return home while commercial flights are still available.

In a tweet, the High Commission advised that British visitors to leave now before the potential shut down of borders and hotel closures.

“If you decide not to travel now, you may not be able to return later if flights are suspended. Lots of airlines have closed operations, and the options are becoming increasingly limited,” the High Commission wrote in an earlier tweet.

“This is an unprecedented, and fast-moving situation. Not leaving Sri Lanka means you may be stuck here for a considerable period. A serious outbreak of coronavirus in Sri Lanka will place significant strain on the healthcare system and may impact on the availability of consular services.”

Inbound passenger flights to Sri Lanka have been banned since March 20 until April 7 in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus but outbound passenger flights are currently operating.