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British MPs welcome issuing of arrest warrant for Sri Lankan brigadier

British MPs have welcomed the issuing of an arrest warrant for a Sri Lankan brigadier who was filmed motioning a death threat to Tamil protestors in 2018.

The Westminster Magistrates Court issued an arrest warrant for Brigadier Priyanka Fernando of the Sri Lankan army earlier this week, after finding him guilty of committing public order offences whilst stationed in London.

Fernando was found guilty of violating sections 5 and 4A of the Public Order Act, with the court stating that his actions were threatening, caused harassment, and that he intended them to be so.

“The [All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils] welcomes this development and the clear message that such intimidation is not welcome on our streets,” said Paul Scully MP, chair of the cross-party group.

“Officials cannot be allowed to act with impunity on our streets, particularly not under the guise of diplomatic protection,” he said.

See the chair's full letter here.