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Breaking The Silence Journal: City University

City University Tamil Society continued the ‘Breaking the Silence’ genocide awareness campaign last week.

Holding the exhibition in the Main Building corridor, the Tamil society displayed posters that outlined the countless forms of genocidal abuses that the Tamil people face in Sri Lanka.

The exhibition attracted much attention, with several students taking time to read through the posters and ask committee members questions.

Students passing by signed petitions for an international independent investigation into war crimes committed in Sri Lanka, and recorded their reactions in hand-prints to make a reflective poster on the ongoing atrocities against Tamils in Sri Lanka. Joint by City University’s Amnesty International society, members of Tamil society walked students through the Breaking the Silence exhibition.

Reflecting on the exhibition, a member of the City University Tamil Society said,

“Today’s campaign has been instrumental in arguing the case of genocide to our student community. People of all nationalities have had a chance to find out about the atrocities the Tamils face in Sri Lanka and been given a chance to express their opinions on the situation.”

Follow the campaign on twitter using ‘#BreaktheSilence’ and stay tuned for next entry into the Breaking The Silence Journal.

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