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Brazil, India and South Africa to send envoys to Syria

Brazil, India and South Africa, which have blocked United Nations pressure on Syria’s government to end repression of protesters, will send envoys to Damascus to seek an end to the violence.

See the report by Bloomberg here.

The three emerging political and economic powers, which in 2003 formed the coalition known as IBSA, plan to send deputy foreign ministers on the mission.

The three have combined to put off action on a US and European draft resolution condemning the Assad regime’s attacks on anti-government protesters.

Western diplomats say that support from the three might dissuade China and Russia from vetoing it.

The US, Britain, Colombia, France, Germany, Nigeria and Portugal were among council members calling for action.

Activists, analysts and Syrian refugees say the uprising, which has caused a reported 2,000 deaths, will intensify during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which starts next week. The protesters are calling for democracy and civil rights in a country, ruled by the Assad family for four decades.