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Bosnian Serb war criminal arrested again on further charges

A former Bosnian Serb police officer who was convicted and jailed in 2004 for 17 years by international war crimes tribunal in the Hague, was arrested again on Monday along with two other Bosnian Serbs for further charges of war crimes.

Darko Mrdja, who was released from prison in 2013, confessed to have played a part in the killing of over 150 Bosnian Muslims in 1992.

Mr Mrdja, was arrested along side Radenko Marinovic and Milan Gavrilovic, for alleged killing and maltreatment of prisoners at the Omarska and Manjaca detention camps in the northwestern region of Bosnia.

"They are suspected of killing at least ten Bosnian Croats and Bosniaks in front of the camps and while guarding the transportation of illegally held inmates," the office of the state's war crimes prosecutor was quoted by Reuters as saying.