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Bosnian Muslims bury 35 victims of Srebrenica genocide, 23 years later

Bosnian Muslims marked 23 years since the Srebrenica genocide in a commemoration that saw the remains of 35 victims buried at the genocide’s memorial centre.

According to The Hague Tribunal and Bosnian state court, over 7000 Bosnian Muslims, mostly men and boys, were killed by Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995.

The forces then carried out operations to conceal the crimes by using secondary and tertiary mass graves.

A total of 6575 genocide victims have been reburied at the Memorial Centre in Potocari.

“We have been saying for 23 years now that we will not stop looking for the remains of those who were killed, and we will not stop asking for those responsible to be prosecuted,” said one of the organisers of the commemoration.