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Bosnian Croat military general dies after drinking poison during war crimes sentence at the Hague

A former Bosnian Croat general has died after drinking a phial of poison in whilst receiving his war crimes sentence at the Hague.

Seconds after the judges of the UN mandated tribunal sentenced him to 20 years, Slobodan Praljak, shouted “Praljak is not a criminal. I  reject your verdict. I just drank poison.”

An official statement from the International Criminal Tribunal on Yugoslavia ICTY, said,

“Mr Slobodan Paljak, one of six defence appellants in the Prlic et al case passed away today in HMC hospital in The Hague. During the public pronouncement of the appeal judgement the appeals chamber confirmed his conviction and affirmed Mr Praljak’s sentence of 20 years of imprisonment. Immediately thereafter, Mr Praljak drank a liquid while in court, and quickly fell ill. Mr Praljak was immediately assisted by the ICTY medical staff. Simultaneously an ambulance was summoned. Mr Praljak was transported to a nearby hospital to receive further medical assistance where he passed away.”

Wednesday’ s proceedigns come after, last week, the ICTY imposed a life sentence on fromer Bosnian Serb commander Ratko Mladic.

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