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Boko Haram launches first attack in Chad

Islamic militant group Boko Haram launched its first attack in Chad on Friday, killing several people in the village of Ngouboua.

Approximately 30 militants crossed Lake Chad, which borders Nigeria, setting houses ablaze and attacking a police station.

"They came on board three canoes and succeeded in killing about 10 people before being pushed back by the army," said one resident to Reuters.

They were eventually beaten back by Chadian security forces said Colonel Azem Bermandoua Agouna of the Chadian military, telling the BBC that one soldier was killed and four wounded. Reports of civilian casualties remain unconfirmed. However, he added two Boko Haram militants were killed and a further five injured.

The Chadian military also reportedly carried out airstrikes in response, destroying boats used by Boko Haram.

General Bayana Gossingar, the governor of Chad's Lake Region, labelled the attack a "publicity stunt”. “They wanted to show that they can strike on our territory," he said.
Earlier this month, Niger agreed to join Benin, Cameroon, Nigeria and Chad in sending 8,700 military personnel to Nigeria to battle against Boko Haram on Saturday.

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