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Balochistan Liberation Army claims responsibility for bus bomb injuring Chinese workers

Six people, inlcuding three Chinese workers were injured on Saturday when a Baloch fighter detonated an explosive device on a bus in Balochistan, killing himself. 

The bus was transporting engineers working on a mining project in the Dalbandin region. 

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for the attack, posting a video on social media that it said was of its fighter taken before the attack. 

During the video, the fighter, Rehan Baloch, who is said to be the eldest son of the BLA senior commander, Aslam Baloch, demanded that China leave the region and stop taking its resources. 

"We have told China multiple times to shun plundering Baloch resources and refrain from becoming part of any Pakistani designs. We have asked China time and again to take their engineers and workers out of Balochistan. However, China never paid heed to our justified demands," the figher was quoted by ANI as saying. 

"China has also been providing arms, ammunition, funds and communication devices to Pakistan to use against Baloch national struggle. This is a serious crime both legally and morally with China's help. Pakistan has intensified its offensive against Baloch nation and thousands have been killed and hundreds of villages have been destroyed. During Pakistani military operation thousands of Baloch have been forced to leave their ancestral land to become refugees in Iran, Afghanistan and Middle East."

"Through this act, I want to make China and its people realise that whosoever will try to meddle in Baloch issue without Baloch nation's consent, it will face the wrath of the Baloch nation."

"It cannot be possible at all for a foreign country to plunder the precious natural resources and wealth of Baloch nation without any resistance when our people are deprived of basic necessities, China should immediately withdraw its investment and forces from Balochistan or else they will continue to face Baloch youth."