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Baghdad accuses Kurdistan of making "declaration of war"

Baghdad accused Kurdistan of making a “declaration of war” by moving extra Peshmerga troops to the disputed regions of Kirkuk.

Iraq’s National Security Council, on Sunday,  said it viewed the movements as a “dangerous escalation” and “declaration of war” adding that “ the central government and regular forces will carry out their duty of defending the Iraqi people in all its components including the Kurds, and defending Iraq’s sovereignty and unity” reports the Telegraph.

Kurdistan moved Peshmerga forces to the Kirkuk last week in response to reports that Iraqi Security Forces were building up troops to the south hand west of the city.

On Sunday the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters rejected calls from Iraqi paramilitary forces to withdraw from a strategic junction south of Kirkuk which controls access to the region’s main oilfields.

The news comes after a meeting between Iraqi President Faud Masum and Kurdish President Masud Barzani, saw Mr Barzani reject Baghdad’s demand to cancel the outcome of the independence referendum.

Following the meeting Mr Barzani said he pledged to defend the autonomous region in case of an attack.

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