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Attorney General orders Appeals court case against Tamil UNP MP

Sri Lanka's Attorney General advised the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to file a case at the Court of Appeal against the UNP MP, Vijayakala Maheswaran, Adaderana reports.

Maheswaran was forced to resign her ministerial post after Sinhalese politicians objected to her call in July for a resurgence of the LTTE to control the violent crime in the North-East.

Last month the Attorney General told Sri Lanka's parliament that action would be taken and advised Speaker Karu Jayasuirya to examine whether action could be pursued against Maheswaran under current Standing Orders or if not, to let the House decide the procedure to take action against her.

Maheswaran has said she would “not succumb to others' sentiments or pay a price that I am not entitled to settle”. 

She is currently under investigation by Sri Lanka’s Organised Crime Prevention Division (OCPD) after the National Organiser of Sinhala Ravaya, a Buddhist monk named Magalkande Sudantha, lodged a complaint with regards to the speech.