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Attacks on Hindu temples escalate

Increasing Sinhalisation feared in the North-East, as attacks on Hindu temples escalate. The past few weeks has seen a string of attacks targeting Hindu priests, Hindu sacred shrines and the forceful demolition of Hindu temples.

On 15th May a Sivalingam statue a sacred shrine was reported as missing in Polanaruwa.


Two days before, in Punanai, a village near Batticoloa, a Pillaiyar statue was reported missing.

Speaking to reporters, C. Yogeswaran of the TNA's Batticaloa district, said,

“At this juncture, the disappearance of Pillaiyar statue from the temple has created suspicion among the Tamil Saiva community that the Buddhist monk is
operating with a hidden motive of Sinhalicising the area.”

Buddhist monks have recently occupied a plot of land near the Pillaiyar temple with the strong backing of SLA and Buddhist organisation based in Colombo.

Meanwhile in Navali, Jaffna, Sri Kanesh Sarmanath, a Tamil Hindu priest came under attack reported Tamilwin. On 14th May, while he was fetching water at his local Amman temple. According to witnesses, unknown individuals ambushed him from behind and attacked the priest on the head before escaping on motorcycles. The priest remains in a critical condition at Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

Last month the Urban Development Authority, headed by the minister for defence, Gothbaya Rajapaksa, ordered the demolishment of 60 year old Pillaiyar temple in Trincomalee citing “road development work.”