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Attacks on fisherman 'totally unacceptable' - India

India's Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, speaking directly to Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa, has condemned the Sri Lankan navy attacks of Tamil fishermen, deeming them "totally unacceptable".

The bilateral talks took place on the sidelines of the SAARC summit on Thursday.

Speaking to journalists on board Air India One on Saturday, Singh said,

"We explained this to President Rajapaksa and he agreed that the use of force to deal with Indian fishermen is totally unacceptable, that it is a human problem and it must be dealt in a humane manner."

"Principally, my concern was with regard to resettlement of internally displaced Tamil refugees, and the treatment of fishermen. President Rajapaksa gave me assurances that Sri Lanka will and has been moving forward."