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Arrest warrant issued by ICC for Libyan military commander

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant on Tuesday for a Libyan military commander who is accused of being responsible for summary executions.

In a statement, the ICC said it "issued a warrant of arrest for Mahmoud Mustafa Busayf al-Werfalli, allegedly responsible for murder as a war crime in the context of the non-international armed conflict in Libya."

The prosecution has pointed to video footage showing Mr Al Werfalli ordering and participating in the executions, accusing him of taking part in 7 rounds of executions, killing 33 people. 

"There is no information in the evidence to show that they have been afforded a trial by a legitimate court, whether military or otherwise, that would comport to any recognised standard of due process," said the ICC.

Welcoming the ICC's decision, Amnesty International's North Africa director, Hebe Morayef urged Libyan authorities to comply with the warrant. 

"Today’s decision by the ICC is a significant step towards ending the rampant impunity for war crimes in Libya. Mahmoud al-Werfelli led an army unit that is accused of atrocities, including the extrajudicial executions of unarmed and defenseless captives," Ms Morayef said on Tuesday. 

“The Libyan authorities must urgently comply with this arrest warrant and hand Mahmoud al-Werfelli over to the ICC to face his accusers in a fair trial."

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