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Another step in a long and arduous path towards justice

The Tamil Students Initiative (TSI) recognises the resolution passed by the United Nations Human Rights Council as a small but important step in the ongoing struggle for justice for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

The authorisation of the High Commissioner’s office to undertake a comprehensive international investigation into Sri Lanka’s atrocities represents a significant movement by the international community towards identifying and obtaining accountability for the past war crimes and ongoing genocide committed on the island. As well as establishing facts and working towards accountability and justice, we hope that this resolution is also used as an opportunity for the OHCHR to acknowledge, and act on, the deterioration of human rights and ongoing persecution of Tamils in the North East, notably the accounts of sexual violence, disappearances, lack of land rights, and alarming detentions of Tamil people.

While this is clearly just another step in a long and arduous path towards justice, we welcome it and we hope that the international community do not see this resolution as conclusive. Having been in a state of flux and uncertain over whether accountability for atrocities in Sri Lanka would be achieved, we only hope that the mission to establish the facts and circumstances is undertaken comprehensively and brings about consequential justice that is long overdue.

Representing British Tamil students, we would also like to acknowledge and applaud the constant campaigns efforts made by youth globally, including those in the Tamil diaspora, Tamil Nadu and the North East. It is humbling to know that even in the aftermath of such a devastating conflict, the continuous resolve of Tamil students to end the ongoing oppression of the people in the North-East has only risen.

As students, we are inbred with a philosophy to work endlessly to achieve our goals, and as youth, we maintain a tireless energy and determination towards anything we deem as passionate to us. We, who are inextricably linked to the injustices which occur in our homeland, are optimistic that this resolution will move us a step closer towards achieving accountability, justice, and a political solution that ends the ongoing oppression of the Tamil people in the North-East. We hope we can replicate the industrious efforts of those before us, and work with the international community to one day truly provide justice for the Tamil people.