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Allegations of war crimes on both sides as Iraqi PM declares Mosul victory

On Monday the prime minister of Iraq declared victory of Islamic State in Mosul, after over three years of IS rule in the city. 

The victory which has been welcomed across the world has however, received criticism from human rights organisations who have accused Iraqi and US led forces of violating international humanitarian law. 

Detailing the extent and horror of the crimes committed by Islamic State, a report published by Amnesty International on Tuesday also criticised the use of force in densely populated areas by Iraqi and US forces. 

"Civilians in west Mosul have been ruthlessly exploited by the armed group calling itself the Islamic State (IS), which has systematically moved them into zones of conflict, used them as human shields, and prevented them from escaping to safety. They have also been subjected to relentless unlawful attacks by Iraqi government forces and members of the US-led coalition (hereon referred to as pro-government forces)," the report said. 

"In March and May 2017, Amnesty International researchers visited northern Iraq to document violations of international humanitarian law and human rights abuses by all sides of the conflict in west Mosul."

See report here