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Abandoned Mannar well to be investigated for possible skeletons

An abandoned well near Thirukketheeswaram in Mannar is to be examined later this month for possible skeletons, reports Lankasri.

The well is located by mass grave sites which were unearthed in Mannar in 2013.

Mannar district judge, Alexraja ordered an investigation into the well, which will begin on April 29.

The mass grave was first discovered in December 2013, when construction workers found two human skeletons whilst digging in Thirukketheeswaram.

  The following week, a further four skulls were unearthed, with more over subsequent weeks (see also here, here, here, herehere, here, here, and here), eventually totaling over 80.

All skeletal remains found were transferred to Anuradhapura for reported investigation in April 2014. No results have been published.