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21 countries align to expel Russian officials over chemical attack in UK

At least twenty one counrtues have aligned with Britain resulting in the expulsion of over 100 Russian officials reports the BBC.

The President of the United States Donald Trump confirmed that it would expel 60 Russian diplomats, alongside governments across Europe who are taking action against Russia for a chemical attack on a former Russian spy in Britain.

European Union leaders last week said that evidence of Russian involvement in the attack which had been presented by British Prime Minister Theresa May was a solid basis for further action against Russia.

The European Council President Donald Tusk said that 14 EU countries were expelling Russian diplomats with further measures to be taken in the coming months.

Canada, Ukraine, Germany France and other European Union states have made announcements outlining similar expulsions.

Responding to the announcement, the British Foreign Secretary Borris Johnson tweeted,

“Today’s extraordinary international response by our allies stands in history as the largest collective expulsion of Russian intelligence officers ever and will help defend our shared security.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May said the coordinated measures “clearly demonstrate that we all stand shoulder to shoulder in sending the strongest signal to Russia that it cannot continue to flout international law,” reports Reuters.

Speaking to reporters under condition of anonymity, a senior US administration official told reporters, “To the Russian government we say: when you attack our friends, you will face serious consequences. “

The Russian foreign ministry said the moves indicated the continuation of a "confrontational path.

""It goes without saying that this unfriendly act by this group of countries will not go without notice and we will react to it," its statement said.