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2 youths arrested in Kilinochchi over LTTE flag

Sri Lankan police have arrested a further two Tamil youths in Kilinochchi over the alleged discovery of an LTTE flag and ammunition in Oddusudan in June. 

One of the arrested youths is a former LTTE cadre and father of three, from Santhapuram, whilst the other is from Mallavi. 

Last month officers from Sri Lanka's Terrorism Investigation Department (TID) collected information about babies born in Kilinochchi from May 25 - 30 in order to arrest a man over the alleged discovery of the flag and ammunition.

The enquiries were criticised by local civil society groups and politicians. Speaking at an event in Kilinochchi shortly after reports of the TID inquiries began to emerge, the chief minister of the Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran told officials not to disclose any information to the military without discussing it with him first.

Nine Tamils have been arrested over the incident to date.