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158 Tamils disappeared from Eastern Uni in 1990 round-up remembered in Batticaloa

158 Tamils rounded up and forcibly disappeared by the Sri Lankan Army from the Eastern University were remembered in Batticaloa today, on the 27th anniversary of their disappearance.

On 5th September 1990, Sri Lankan soldiers surrounded the Vantharumoolai campus of Eastern University, rounding-up and arresting 158 Tamils that were sheltering there.

Those 158 were never seen again. Although locals believe they were likely to have been massacred, not even one body has been found.

Two weeks following this round-up, a further 16 were arrested and forcibly disappeared. The fates of those 16 are similarly unknown.

The families of the Vantharumoolai disappeared gathered today at Maavadipillaiyar Kovil in Arumugathankudiyirippu, Batticaloa, alongside locals, at a remembrance event organised by Eastern University students.