Thought crime, torture and kingly fiat

The detention, trial, imprisonment and subsequent pardon of the journalist Tissanayagam reveals that the rule of law no longer applies in Sri Lanka.

General Fonseka and the challenges to Sri Lankan democracy

President Rajapakse’s crackdown on political opponents, including the arrest of the defeated opposition presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka, is not as unexpected or as surprising as many commentators are suggesting.

The futility of human rights monitoring

The current pattern of human rights violations reflects the new dynamics of war.

Sole representatives: why claim and why oppose?

The impossibility of the Tamil nation and the rejection of the most powerful Tamil actor’s sole representative claim have historical precedents in South Asia.

Cleansing the east of Tamils (updated)

Sri Lanka is changing the demographics of the east with international assistance.

Human shields: the new front

‘Human shields’ is the perfect logic through which to prosecute a war that punishes the Tamil populace for supporting the LTTE.

New labels, old game

The Tamil project has come this far in the face of open and consistent international hostility and contempt.

Deserving victims, just violence

The pogrom against Tamils in July 1983 was supported by deeply held ideological assumptions that still inform the political logic of the Sinhala people and their leaders.

A Tiger under every stone?

The paranoias of Sinhala Buddhist nationalism explained.

How does rights advocacy fail?

What is the wider impact of selective criticism on the norm of human rights?