The paradox of the Tamil vote

There are unassailable limits to the impact the Tamil electorate can have on the island’s political system.

Today's UNP is no exception

A close examination of Ranil Wickremesinghe's policies and his brand of UNP also reveals latent Sinhala nationalist tendencies.

Bitter lessons, learnt well

Why has the international community’s extraordinary focus recently on humanitarian standards has been received with such skepticism?

Democracy and the Northeast

A mix of paramilitary groups and marginalised politicians are being put forward as the actors through which the project of democratizing the Northeast ought to proceed.

EPDP: examining an alternative

Whilst registered as a political party, the EPDP's primary role is as one the military’s most effective paramilitary groups.

Security imbalance, not violence, threatens truce

The actual risk to the ceasefire is not violence per se, but the continuing non implementation of crucial aspects of the Agreement resulting in declining benefits from it.

A state is defined by its practice

The willingness of governing bodies to strive for the welfare of those in their care, especially in the wake of a catastrophe, is a critical measure of their moral authority.