What next for the international community?

Resolutely backing Sri Lanka is not going to prevent a war nor deliver a federal solution.

Sinhala hawks have nothing to lose

The international community’s past policies towards Sri Lanka and its failure to revisit fundamental assumptions is fuelling the slide to renewed war.

Sri Lanka’s war aim is to take the east

The Rajapakse administration is pushing for a new round of conflict - with specific strategic objectives.

A stake in waging war against Tamils

Muslims are being coopted into the Sinhala state’s efforts to crush the Tamil struggle.

What chance peace?

The formidable obstacles to peace and negotiated settlement have been assembled by President Rajapakse himself.

Double standards on the TRO

Similar attacks on aid workers elsewhere in the world are usually unreservedly condemned. Why not here?

Complicit silence and moral censure

Tamils should ask themselves - is it realpolitik and not moral imperatives drive policy decisions in foreign capitals?

The Tamil-Muslim question – again.

Who benefits from instability and communal tension between Tamil and Muslims and who does not?

The first of many hurdles

Optimism stemming from Rajapakse’s reversal on Norway’s role as facilitator is untenable.

Liberal economics and illiberal politics

Contemporary views tend not to associate ethno-supremacists with pro-globalisation policies.