How war became possible

The ferocious war being thrust upon the Tamils is not the result of a series of unfortunate and unforeseen events.

Ugly Reality

Tamils need to come to terms with the fact that the international community is simply not interested in their difficulties.

Genocide, with a little help

We cannot rely on the international community to restrain the Sri Lankan state.

The paradox of international policy

The more successful Sri Lanka’s military efforts are, the less international support there will be for a negotiated solution.

Tamils and Tigers

Even if the international community was able to appreciate Tamil aspirations, there is little evidence that it is capable of delivering them.

Why Rajapakse’s actions make sense

The President’s twin objectives cannot be fulfilled through a federal solution.

We have come full circle

The international community has - again - put the Sinhala establishment in charge of the Tamils’ future.

A need to re-write the international rule book

At some point in during the peace process, the international community assumed that it was no longer necessary to apply the concept of parity to resolving the Tamil question.

The duplicity in admitting Tamil ‘grievances’

There is no sense that the international community actually understands what the Tamils themselves want. Or care to find out either.

Tilt to war is not irreversible

The international community has miscalculated Sri Lanka’s dynamics. But it is unlikely to reconsider.