India’s troubles in Sri Lanka

China’s increasing influence in Sri Lanka is seen by some Indian and western security analysts as a threat to India's national interests. Given the proximity and location of Sri Lanka, activities on the island by hostile states, they say, is detrimental to India’s national security. However it is missing the point to see China as the ‘problem’ here; it is Sri Lanka’s conduct that should worry India. If Sri Lanka was not to entertain powers hostile to India, then neither China, Pakistan nor any other state can pose a threat via the island.

Shaping Western policy on Sri Lanka

Following the end of decades of armed struggle in May last year, western states, led by the United States of America and the European Union, are reviewing their policy on Sri Lanka . Having followed a path of working with the state to defeat terrorism, the West now has to choose between working with an oppressive state or attempting to reform Sri Lanka into a liberal state with respect for human rights and liberal values. Over the past three decades, in the presence of an armed non-state actor, Sri Lanka had successfully managed to mask its genocidal actions as fight against terrorism. Till...

The ultimate form of ‘Right to Protect’ is self rule

Sri Lanka is not a failed state. It is actually a powerful and stable, if racist, state.

Can Sri Lanka wage war without US support?

America’s simplistic approach to Sri Lanka’s conflict mirrors her support for Iraq’s former war against the Kurds.

Buying time for war

The international community is backing Rajapkse’s war against the LTTE while loudly endorsing the manifestly ineffectual APRC.