David Cameron's explanation is too little too late

If Number 10 is about to breathe a sigh of relief, they ought to know that their last ditch and very public efforts to engage with British Tamils have fallen far short of their placating intentions. Considering the Tamil community makes up over 100,000 of the British electorate, David Cameron was absolutely right to think he owed us an explanation. It’s just a shame that the explanation was far too little, too late.

Film Review: '3' hits the big screen

Photograph from the film '3' Four months after the release of the record-breaking Youtube hit ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ , Aishwariya Dhanush’s directorial debut, ‘3’, hits the big screen. Named '3' because the film supposedly narrates three stages in the characters' lives, the film is a romance on paper and a thriller on screen. Revealed in flashbacks, the story showcases the romantic evolution of Ram (Dhanush) and Janani (Shruti). The beginning of the film, which starts off with their school days, is the most enjoyable albeit predictable. Whilst Dhanush is completely at ease in his school-boy...