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Winning votes: Sinhalese v Tamils

Photograph Nilshan Fonseka

Launching his presidential campaign, Mahinda Rajapaksa featured on the front pages of an array of Sri Lankan newspapers in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

Whilst the Tamil newspapers celebrated apparent reconciliation and 'development' in the North-East, with a photograph of Mahinda Rajapaksa at the opening of the Yaal Devi train and the caption - 'Do you remember this historic day?' , the Sinhala language newspapers exalted the war victory over the Tamil armed resistance group, the LTTE.

Carrying headlines about the Sri Lankan military's victory over the LTTE, such as 'Nation rescued from terrorists' and 'Final bit of land rescued from LTTE', the Sinhala language newspapers featured a photograph of Rajapaksa knelt down worshiping the 'motherland', following his arrival back to Sri Lanka a day before he declared victory on May 19th.

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