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Wigneswaran tells Sri Lankan president North's needs are greatest

The chief minister of the northern province, C V Wigneswaran told the Sri Lankan president on Tuesday that the north had much greater needs than the rest of the island and therefore much more financial resources should be allocated to it compared to other provinces.

Mr Wigneswaran asked the president, Maithripala Sirisena, this whilst he visited Jaffna on Tuesday following sustained protests over the rape and murder of school girl in Pungudutivu.

The development needs of the north were three to four times greater, Mr Wigneswaran added.

"We have told the previous government about the special needs of the Northern province several times. We have told them to allocate a great amount of funds. However, they have not considered this. The north was allocated funds in the same way that other provinces were," said Mr Wigneswaran.

The new government should consider the situation of the North and allocate a great amount of funds to it, he added.