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Welsh independence only ‘a matter of time’ - Plaid Cymru

The leader of Plaid Cymru said independence for Wales and Scotland was “a matter of time” as calls for self-governance continue to grow in the region.

Adam Price said that the choice facing the people of Wales “has rarely been starker”.

“On the one hand, the insular, narrow nationalism of the British establishment and its obsession with delivering a nightmare Brexit come hell or high water. And on the other, a bright, prosperous future as independent nations at the heart of Europe.”

“I know what I would prefer.”

His comments, in an opinion piece in the Scotsman, come after Gwynedd county council became the first in Wales to pass a motion backing Welsh independence. It follows a string of smaller town and community councils passing similar motions.

YesCymru chairman Sion Jobbins said that Gwynedd Council’s vote was a “brave and historic step”.

“It’s starting to snowball and we hope that more community and county councils will join Gwynedd,” he said.

“When Wales and Scotland do choose an independent future – and it is only a matter of when – I also happen to believe England would benefit from an equal partnership as much as our two countries,” continues Price in his piece.

“This won’t go on much longer. People can only take so much before they choose a different, better path. For both our countries, that path can only lead to one future: independence. It’s just a matter of a time, but it’s coming very, very quickly. It’s time the British establishment realised it."

See Price’s full piece here and more from the Daily Post here and nation.cymru here.