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US imposes sanctions on Venezuelan leader’s son

The United States Treasury announced that it has imposed sanctions on the son of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, in the latest set of embargoes placed on the country.

The US accuses Nicolasito Maduro Guerra of playing a key role in maintaining the current government and president, with Washington having now imposed sanctions on more than 100 Venezuelan officials.

Opposition leader Juan Guadio has been recognised by the US and more than 50 other countries as Venezuela’s president.

Announcing the sanctions on Maduro, Elliot Abrams, the US special representative for Venezuela said they hoped the move would weaken the current Venezuelan regime and convince more officials to defect. 

It comes following the former head of Venezuelan intelligence General Manuel Ricardo Figuera fleeing the country and coming to the US. “When he left, we took the sanctions off,” said Abrams. “So that’s a sign to other officials as to what their future might be if they do the same thing.”

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