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UN committee reaffirms Saharawi peoples' "inalienable right" to self-determination

The UN Decolonisation Committee reaffirmed its belief that self-determination and independence are the inalienable right of all people on Monday with particular reference to the people of Western Sahara, currently living under Moroccan rule.

South Africa's representative condemned the UN's inaction over the issue, describing the UN as "paralysed". Highlighting the thirty year delay in the referendum, originally mandated by the UN Security Council, he called for a renewed affort to hold such a referendum.

Timor-Leste's representative, comparing Western Sahara's struggle for self-determinatnion with Timor-Leste's own struggle for independence, stated that the status quo was 'unacceptable' and it brought 'serious risks to stability'.

The view was echoed by Algeria, Angola and Congo.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Western Sahara, Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, asserted that the resolution adopted by the UN Fourth Committee on Western Sahara was “an encouraging step towards the acceleration of the decolonization in Western Sahara, despite the obstacles set by Morocco.”

We reaffirmed determination of our people to continue their struggle until recovering their firm right of self-determination and independence.” added Ould Salek.

See here for reports of massacres of Saharawi people by Morrocan forces.