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TNA: The Tamil people demand 'full self rule', international investigation of war crimes

"The Tamil people’s demand is that they exercise full powers of self-rule within their homeland consisting of a merged North and East. Once again, the Tamil people have declared that they will not relinquish their political aspirations.

"The Tamil people have – by ensuring the victory of the TNA – accepted and supported the recommendations of the UN [Panel’s report], which state that the government’s war crimes and human rights abuses require an impartial international investigation.

"The TNA asks that this verdict of the Tamil people be respected and that the government accept and allow an international investigation.

"The TNA requests that the international community continues to pressure the government to provide a political solution that allows the Tamil people to live in their homeland with dignity and freedom.

"The TNA expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the Tamil people who in the midst of various threats and difficulties considered it their national duty to go to the polling booths in their numbers to cast their vote for the Tamil National Alliance."

- Suresh Premachandran, of the Tamil National Alliance's leadership. See his full statement here.