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Tamil Nadu opinion poll calls for independent Eelam

An independent Tamil Eelam is the solution to the Sri Lankan crisis, decided a majority of voters in a Tamil Nadu poll last week.


54.25% of the respondents said that they have always supported the Tigers and their goal of a separate Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka, in the results of a survey published in last week's Ananda Vikadan, which tops the circulation among weeklies in Tamil Nadu, said that


Although it is known that support for the Tigers is rising in Tamil Nadu, as seen from the large attendance of people, especially youths in meetings addressed by pro-Tiger leaders like Vaiko, the amount of support for the banned outfit, revealed in a survey conducted by a media group, which is considered respected for its neutrality is quiet stunning, reported The Statesman.


The fact that the magazine chose to publish the results showing support for a banned organisation is itself surprising, the Indian published Statesman publication noted. The outcome of the poll and its appearance in an influential media, foretell shifting paradigms in Tamil Nadu scenario, assessed TamilNet.

Out of 12 issues raised by the weekly, 4 gained absolute majority opinions: India to retrieve Kachchatheevu from Sri Lanka (65.76%), urging India to involve in Sri Lankan crisis (62.9%), independent Tamil Eelam as correct solution (55.44%) and support to LTTE (54.25%).

To a question on continuing the ban on the LTTE, 47.65% respondents wanted the ban to be lifted, while 27.43% were for continuing it. The rest of the respondents said that the Centre should wait for some time before thinking of lifting the ban.


83 percent of the respondents held LTTE chief Velupillai Pirapaharan responsible for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. However, about 50% of those convinced of LTTE's hand in the assassination felt that Pirapaharan should be condoned, the survey claimed.


To a query on the growth of LTTE as an organisation with air capabilities, 46.24% of the people felt that it was a matter of pride for Tamils, while only 18.59% said that it was dangerous for India's security. The rest did not have any opinion.

While 55.44% favoured a separate Tamil homeland for Sri Lankan Tamils as the only solution for the conflict in the island, 34.63% of respondents said that an autonomous state for Tamils within a federal structure would solve the problem.


Only 13.61% of the respondents said that the pro-LTTE stand of Tamil Nadu leaders like Vaiko and Nedumaran was dangerous, while 49.36% of them felt that it was correct. About the stand of Tamil Nadu’s leading DMK on the Sri Lankan issue, 47.48% said the ruling party should support the Tigers without worrying about losing its government, while 22.71% of the people said that the DMK should oppose the Tigers.


A considerable number of voters (43.14%) disagreed with LTTE's assassinations of dissenting Tamil politicians, while the remaining either felt that it was inevitable or that they were not in a position to pass a judgment.

Most of the respondents, 62.59%, favoured India's intervention in the conflict. An overwhelming majority of 79.28% favoured release of Nalini, convicted in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.


The survey taken at a time when resentment against the Sri Lankan government was high due to the killing of Tamil Nadu fishermen by the Sri Lankan navy, found that a large number of people, 65.76%, supported the retrieval of Katchatheevu island, ceded to Sri Lanka, and 29.65% said the Indian navy should attack the Sri Lankan navy if Tamil Nadu fishermen were fired at.


On the fishermen issue, 34.89% of people favoured a dialogue with the Sri Lankan government, while 35.44% said that India should raise the issue at the international forum.


The weekly said that it approached 4195 people, selecting them from various areas and sections and asserted that it is a true reflection of the people's mood in Tamil Nadu about issues concerning Sri Lankan Tamils.