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Tamil Nadu activists speak out

As part of our series - 'Tamil Nadu activists speak out' - on the growing activism in Tamil Nadu on the Eelam Tamil issue, Tamil Guardian caught up with leading activists across the state.

Students from Loyola College started a hunger strike calling for a international independent investigation into genocide in March 2013, in a move that sparked mass student protests across Tamil Nadu.

Interview with Loyola College Students (12 November 2013)

The Tamil Youth and Student Federation is an organisation that has campaigned against the genocide of Eelam Tamils and also sought to tackle issues affecting  the youth of Tamil Nadu, notably caste.

Interview with Tamil Youth & Students Federation (30 October 2013)

With 26 branches across Tamil Nadu, Students Struggle for Tamil Eelam is one of the largest student organisations in the state, focussing on highlighting issues that affect Eelam Tamils.

Interview with Students Struggle for Tamil Eelam (03 October 2013)

The Save Tamils Movement, an organisation made of of students and IT professionals, have held several demonstrations and protests advocating for the political rights of Tamils, both in Eelam and Tamil Nadu.

Interview with Save Tamils Movement (05 September 2013)