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Tamil mother released after 4 years in prison

A Tamil mother of two was released on bail this week after being imprisoned for four years. 

The release of the 31-year-old political prisoner came after repeated intiatives by the Mannar Citizens' Committee calling for the release of the woman, whose family live below the poverty line. 

Mathani Ravinthiran was arrested by the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) in March 2014 in Visvamadu, Mullaitivu. Welimada Police filed a case with Padaviya Circuit Magistrate Court against her under sections 443, 369 and 394 of Penal Code Act. Another case was filed against her for handling demining equipment.

The verdict was expected to be given on Thursday at Kebithigollewa Magistrate Court, however it was announced the case file was sent to Magistrate T J Prabhakaran, who presided over the case initially but recently transferred to another court, in order to deliver the verdict. When she was brought before the court, the senior magistrate V S Niranjan  released her on bail for LKR 25,000. 

The president of the Mannar Citizens' Committee, which provided financial assistance to get the prisoner released on bail, was also present. 

The verdict is expected to be delivered on February 27.