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Sumanthiran rebukes government’s Sinhala only anthem

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian, M A Sumanthiran, has criticised the government for marring the national reconciliation process following their decision to sing the national anthem only in Sinhala at the upcoming National Day celebrations in Colombo, Adaderana reports

Earlier this week, the Sri Lankan government confirmed that its national anthem will be sung in Sinhala only for next year's independence day celebrations in Colombo. 

Sumanthiran reportedly said that the government's decision is a "true reflection of what the government wants to do in this country which is creating a singular, majoritarian rule." 

“If we are not to sing the national anthem in Tamil, it indicates that the government is telling the Tamils not to sing the national anthem at all. We are not perturbed about that. Mere singing of the national anthem in Tamil does not bring about national reconciliation.” he added. 

Sumanthiran expressed that equal citizenship rights can be achieved if the government decides to exercise power-sharing among all communities. 

“Political power must be shared in such a way that even those who are in the minority community can exercise political power in this country. In the absence of that and in the absence of any meaningful effort to reach national reconciliation, stopping the national anthem from being sung in Tamil is merely an indicator of the direction in which this government is moving.” he added.

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