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Sri Lankan elections ‘a fraud’ says TNA leader

The leader of the Tamil National Alliance called Sri Lanka’s upcoming presidential elections “a fraud” said parliamentarian M A Sumanthiran, as he responded to criticism of the party on Twitter earlier today.

“We are only staying true to our policy and ready to accomplish the mandate received whatever the time. We have constantly made this position clear,” said Sumanthiran, stating that the TNA would support abolishing Sri Lanka’s executive presidency.

“TNA leader called this election a fraud on the people and a denial of their repeated mandate for 25 years,” he added.

Earlier this month Sumanthiran told The Hindu that his party’s backing of the current Sri Lankan regime had eroded their support from the Tamil people.

“Collaborating with the Centre has also affected us,” he admitted. “Although we did that because there was a real opportunity to resolve the long-standing issue when the two main parties got together.”

“Now that that has failed, and the coalition has broken down and we are seeing various ill effects of that breakdown, the TNA which propped up and even now props up the government is seen as having backed the wrong horse and not achieving anything for its people. That is a fact and we will have to bear that when we meet the electorate next time.”

“This government gave reason for hope and then failed to deliver,” he said earlier in the interview. “Our people are bitterly disappointed.”

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