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Sri Lanka will not meet Tamil demands unless forced says CV Wigneswaran

The Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province CV Wigneswaran said that Sri Lanka would have to be forced to meet Tamil demands.

Accusing the Sri Lankan government of not “having the will” to meet Tamil demands, Mr Wigneswaran said,

“The central government in Sri Lanka will not do anything towards minorities or the Tamils unless they are forced to do something.”

Stressing the need for demilitarisation of the North-East, the chief minister added that there was “no exodus of soldiers from the northern province which is perceivable to anyone.”

Mr Wigneswaran was speaking at a press meet for the release of a report by the US think-tank, the Oakland Institute.

 Silent war against Tamils through Sri Lanka's military occupation finds US think-tank (28 May 2015)