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Sri Lanka has no ‘accountability for war crimes’ - Human Rights Watch

A decade on since the end of the armed conflict there has been “no accountability for war crimes and other abuses” said Human Rights Watch, in an appeal to Sri Lanka’s next president on Monday.

“Sri Lanka’s presidential election is certain to have important implications for human rights in the country, including justice for wartime violations,” said Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “Whoever is elected president will be under domestic and international scrutiny to ensure that Sri Lanka meets its human rights obligations.”

The statement went on to note that the current government has made no progress in its commitment to create a transitional justice mechanism as mandated by a UN resolution that Colombo co-sponsored.

“Opposition by politicians to prosecuting “war heroes” ignores the demands of citizens who have spent a decade holding vigils, seeking the whereabouts of missing loved ones, and calling for those responsible for abuses to be brought to justice,” added the statement.

“Sri Lanka’s next government will have its work cut out to meet the country’s human rights obligations,” Ganguly said. “No Sri Lankan should again have to live in fear of torture, enforced disappearance, or extrajudicial killings.”

See the full statement here.