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Sri Lanka asked Werrity to lobby British Government on arms deals – Channel 4

Defence Secretary Liam Fox’s friend Adam Werrity has been accused of discussing arms deals with the Sri Lankan Government, Channel 4 reported tonight.

Three ‘highly placed sources’ in Sri Lanka have independently told Channel 4 news team that Mr Werrity discussed ‘arms deals’ with a senior figure in Mahinda Rajapakse’s regime.

He was reportedly asked by the Sri Lankan official to lobby the British Government over the supply of ‘arms, security equipment and aviation parts’.

Emma Reynolds MP, shadow Foreign Office minister told Channel 4’s Jonathan Miller:

"It’s clearly not appropriate for the Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, to visit Sri Lanka frequently if he’s sponsored by the Sri Lankan government, a government, which is under scrutiny for alleged war crimes. Questions need to be asked about the role of Adam Werritty in these visits. The Defence Secretary needs to clarify what his relationship is with the Sri Lankan government."

See Channel 4 report here.