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Sri Lanka’s transitional justice: Genuine move or red herring?

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Noting the absence of commitment to demilitarisation of the North-East JS Tissainayagam questioned the Sri Lankan government’s commitment to an all-inclusive transitional justice process that had the buy in of the victims.

Writing in the Asian correspondent Mr Tissainayagam said,

“Although the Government consulting victims on some aspects of transitional justice mechanisms appears democratic and inclusive, the way Colombo is setting about it gives little confidence that it is prepared to incorporate victims’ needs and wishes if they go contrary to its own target and objectives. Nor is the Government going to demilitarise areas to make them more benign to implement transitional justice. This raises the question whether consultations and other promises of inclusivity are a red herring to lull the public and international community into a false sense of hope while the Government goes ahead undeterred to implement a version of transitional justice unhelpful to victims.”

Full opinion piece can be found here.