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SL plans for Mullivaikal to be transformed as a tourism hot spot

Plans are underway to transform Mullivaikal, Mullaitheevu into tourism hot spot, reports the Uthayan.

According to Uthayan, 22km of coastal line, stretching from Nayaru to Alampil is being prepared for the establishment of tourism resorts. The stretch of land encompasses Ampalavan Pokkanai, West Mullivaikal, East Mullivaikal, Palaya Mathalan, Puthumathalan, Valainarmadam and Vadduvakal.

Two meetings have already been taken place at the Mullaitheevu Political Headquarters, headed by Mullaitheevu GA, Nogalingam Vethanayakam. Discussions included deciding what portion of the land in this area is government owned.

Meanwhile many of the people of Mullivaikal remain forcibly displaced and prohibited from returning to their homes. 

Whilst the UN Panel of Experts stated that at least 40,000 Tamil civilians died in Mullivaikal during the final stages of the armed conflict in 2009, at least 160,000 unaccounted for.